10 Best Apps for New iPhones


4. 1Password / LastPass

Taking the latest data breaching concerns, protecting your content from any invasion is very much necessary.

You can now protect your data with a password manager that would ensure a strong as well as it will also prevent you to keep a single password for more than two apps.

LastPass best app for new iPhones
The Verge

5. Microsoft Outlook

It is the most convenient app to keep yourself sign in all day long. You can link every email company to it.

Microsoft Outlook best app for new iPhones
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6. IA writer

It is an app for those who just love to write everything on their notepads. It is a fast app than the default note application. After jotting den your emotions, you can sync it to your PC’s or MacBook.

IA Writer best app for new iPhones
Amelia Holowaty Krales

7. Venmo

It makes the payment easy and saves you from any embarrassment.

Venmo best app for new iPhones
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