10 Best Apps for New iPhones


8. Pocket

This is a pocket that pockets all the desired content for the future. Nit saves all your content online, so you can continue it at your leisure.

It can save a large amount of stuff to get along when needed.

Pocket best app for new iPhones

9. Deliveries

This app helps you track all your awaited deliveries. You just have to paste the code of your product and then you can track your deliveries all the way to your doorstep. Isn’t it amazing?

Deliveries best app for new iPhones

10. Fantastical

It’s the best application to get your life scheduled as it entails a calendar with combined event reminders from all the logged in accounts.

It is far better than the default calendar of the iPhone. It is characterized by a new smart system that adds location or date to your desired events by itself. It is for the power-users who prefer self-organized calendar.

Fantastical best app for new iPhones


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