The 10 Best Epilepsy Apps of 2018


Epilepsy is a brain disease that makes individuals has repeating seizures. The seizures happen when groups of nerve cells, or neurons, in the mind convey the wrong signals. Individuals may have peculiar sensations and feelings or carry on strangely. They may have vicious muscle fits or lose awareness. Living with epilepsy is something beyond knowing your seizure composes the correct medicine, and measurements. Applications intended for handling epilepsy can assist you with taking a practical way to deal with your seizures and oversee how the condition influences your social, enthusiastic, and physical prosperity.

You may find that your seizures have a specific pattern or will probably happen in specific circumstances. It can be helpful to record your seizures and observes your symptoms of epilepsy following application or diary and offer the data with an epilepsy specialist.

Epilepsy Attack

10 best epilepsy applications are assembled in this article that can help you to record your symptoms severity of seizures. These applications are as follows:

1. Seizure Tracker

This application is free for both android and iPhone users. Seizure Tracker is brisk and simple to set up on your cell phone and can be utilized after download. The application is intended to assist you with managing epilepsy by logging seizures and keeping records of their length, type, potential triggers, and a detail description of related indications.

Made by the guardians of a youngster with epilepsy, Seizure’s Tracker will probably enable those with epilepsy while rethinking how data about the condition and seizures is gathered and shared. The application’s Quick Capture catch enables you to time and record seizures as they happen. Also transfer them to YouTube for private sharing.

seizure epilepsy app

2. Seizure First Aide

This application is free for the worldwide users. Seizure First Aide is an application created by the Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota that could spare a valuable life. One out of 10 people in the U.S will have a seizure in their lifetime, as per the Foundation, and Seizure First Aide gives fundamental constant emergency treatment for any individual who watches a seizure happening – whatever the type of seizure is.

Recordings are incorporated into the application that demonstrate the five most regular kinds of seizure to assist you with identifying what seizure compose you have seen, and a Get Help crisis symbol is incorporated that prescribes you call 911 if a seizure keeps going over 5 minutes.


  1. My daughter is suffering from epilepsy.I want to know where it can cure foever or not. Her age is10 suffering since 7yearspass doctor gave her heavy dose .plz suggest a positive advise.


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