10 Big AI Failures of the Year 2018


9. Chinese billionaire’s face identified as a jaywalker

In China, the traffic police are employing the AI to address crossovers. They have implanted various CCTV cameras for facial recognition.

The AI system went wrong when it mistakenly recognized the face of a Chinese billionaire, Mingzhu Dong, as a jaywalker.

This mistake went viral on all the social media and it made the Ningbo police to pay an apology.

Chinese Billionaire’s Face identified as a jaywalker
The Verge

10. Boston Dynamic Robot Blooper

The SoftBank robot maker made a robot called robodog SpotMini that can efficiently open a door with the head mounted with an arm.

The SpotMini is made to jump up to 40cm in series without losing the pace. On his debut, he gave a flawless demo on the stage and when he was about to leave, he stumbled off the stage turning the whole situation so awkward.

Boston Dynamic Robot Blooper


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