3 Apps to Help You Avoid Distractions and Stay Focused at Work


In today’s modern world of social media distractions and countless other applications and immersive gadgets to captivate our interests, it can be extremely challenging to retain one’s focus towards one task. Sometimes, we get distracted by notifications on our Facebook profile, some find themselves lost in planning vacations they can’t afford, while others can’t seem to get enough of the news updates.

Given all the countless distractions that we all have in our lives, we need to consider using certain apps that can help keep track of our thoughts and regain our focus with increased concentration. We’re going to introduce you to three amazing apps that can help you improve your concentration span and exercise your focus.

Window Focus - Apps Help You Focus on Work

Here, take a look:

1. Focus

An app, named as Focus, has made a game of planting virtual seeds that tend to grow only when you stay focused on one task and maintain distance from your phone. The less you turn towards your phone and start using the device, the greener and healthier your trees are likely to grow.

We admit it may seem extremely silly and childish, but considering all the time we waste just scrolling through our social media news feeds and the contents of our smartphones, it can become a highly effective tool to keep our focus in check. You can purchase this app for $1.99 for both, Android and iOS.

Focus Stay Focused Android App


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