4 Reasons to Buy One Plus 6 over Samsung Galaxy S9


One plus 6 is in the market at its boom and still blooming. From the last few months of its launch, sales are amazing. The reason for its higher sale is the specifications and quality of this smartphone. This company made a tough competition for the top android mobile phones in the market.

Here are the top four reasons to buy One plus 6 over Samsung Galaxy S9.


1. Price

One plus 6 is available in the market at $529 and on the other hand Samsung Galaxy S9 is for $720. The price difference is quite large. Samsung Galaxy S9 is known for its top experience but you can also experience the higher end hardware in one Plus 6 at the lower price. You can also check the review of One Plus 6

Chinese are good in creating the mirror images of high-end features at the accurate point. In One Plus 2 this Chinese company creates the USB connection. They also mimic the face recognition technology like apple that was fast but less secure than apple. There devices are made at the less expenses and they cost less as compared to others.

One Plus 6 Over Samsung Galaxy S9

2. Notch

This smartphone is made with the notch in it. Notch is something we are going to see a lot more in the future. It helps in extending the screen to body ratio and increase the display. This notch is not present in the Samsung Galaxy S9 but you will get that in the iPhone X. in the Samsung Galaxy S9 they have 83.6% screen to body ratio and the One Plus 6 powers it with 83.3% with the help of the notch in it. you will get more display and screen in the less money in One Plus 6.

3. Dual SIM

One plus 6 has the feature of dual SIM in all its models. In Galaxy S9 not all the models have the dual SIM. In the Asian markets Samsung Galaxy S9 is available with the dual SIM. And in UK and USA it is hard to get that set. The option of the Dual SIM is great for the travelers and in one plus 6 you can get that by standards in all its smartphone.

4. OS updates

With the heavily skinned android devices like Samsung Galaxy S9 the sets have an inbuilt delay with the OS updates and the android security. In One Plus 6, the One plus Oxygen OS does not stray too far from stock android.

Some others

One plus 6 supports the Android P beta that will help the owner to access the latest version of android. Android P is the Google’s focus on Assistant and AI that increases the automation at the core of the OS update

Some other options like Google Duplex, Google clearer map directions and the Google lens will be available in the beta form for the One Plus 6 owners whenever they arrived.


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