9 Best Android Learning Apps


3. Trivia Crack

Much as the name implies, Trivia Crack will test and increase your knowledge on all kinds of trivia and facts, and if you like trivia history and this nature of apps, this one is going to blow your mind. It will help you brush up on a range of new facts, and if you’re a regular player of trivia night, no one will be able to beat you if you keep getting regular lessons with this app.

The app is vibrant, fun-filled and exciting, and it allows the user to learn easy, difficult and challenging questions without creating boredom or monotony. It comes with an impressive range of highly researched and insightful questions, and it is recommended for both, children and adult. You can download it for free on Android and iOS.

Trivia Crack Mobile App

4. Yousician

If own an instrument and already know how to play it somewhat along with harboring some talent for music, Yousician is the only instructor you need to harness your skills. It allows you to watch a video so you can learn the art and then play it on your own instrument, and it is a fabulous app to learn how to play new tunes with your ukulele, piano, guitar or even bass.

Yousician can be downloaded for free by both, iOS and Android users, and it is suitable for musicians of all kinds of experience and abilities. The videos are simple, easily digestible and very innovative, and you can set your own pace of learning without being hurried or pressurized. All you need is a microphone and a nice smartphone, and this app will also rate your performance and give feedback to make improvements to your skill set.

Yousician Mobile App

5. DailyArt

Give your learning a culturally rich twist of artistic passion with DailyArt, a glorious app that will open up an artistic world waiting to be explored. Despite having such a monotonic and boring name, this is the most fun-filled app that allows you to explore classic, modern, post-modern and contemporary art. Every day, it will introduce you to a new piece of art from any given generation, along with a short brief to help you understand the history behind it.

The app is incredibly user-friendly and the quality is utterly captivating, making it much more immersive to view the artwork along with reading the well-written blurbs that make the story more relatable. If you are willing to pay the one-time fee to unlock the archive, you can access the greatest library of more than 1600 prestigious art works, along with accessing the daily art pick of the app. Other than that, both iOS and Android users can access it for free.

DailyArt App



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