9 Best Android Learning Apps


6. Health IQ

Leading a healthy, balanced and mindful life is something we all struggle to do, and the Health IQ app, launched by the CDC, is a brilliant initiative to arm ourselves with the information we need. It will present you with a series of trivia questions that are designed to each distinctive educational purposes, and they will brim you up with the information you need to keep yourself and your family healthy and fit. It’s free to use for both, Android and iOS users.

Health IQ puts in a token effort with striking gamification features by offering point scores and ribbons, but at the end of the day, this app will provide you facts and information that will really add meaning to your life. For instance, it will tell you to the exact quantity of sun screen you need to stay safe from the UV rays outdoors, along with the exact time duration you need to wash your hands in order to get rid of all germs, amongst much more.

Health IQ Mobile App

7. Dictionary.com

Acquiring a new talent, a new language or even learning a new recipe takes a long time, but increasing your vocabulary only requires 5-10 minutes of your time, especially if you have the Dictionary.com app on your smartphone.

This app will not only help you find meanings to difficult words within seconds, but if you use it regularly, it can work wonders at sharpening your vocabulary. Every day, it will introduce you to a new word and its meaning, along with examples of how you can use it.

If you’re already bored, listen up, because there is a lot more to this dictionary-based app. You can find up the meanings of different words you are not familiar with, you can understand the historical evolution and influence of certain words, and you can enjoy playing fun vocabulary quizzes, access a brilliant library of millions of quotes by influential personalities and a lot more.

It is free for both, Android and iOS users.

Dictionary Mobile App



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