9 Best Android Learning Apps


8. Enki

Your smartphone may seem like the most unlikely gadget to learn coding, however, if you download Enki, you can find a fun way of learning Python, HTML, CSS and Javascript amongst other coding techniques. The app caters for both beginners and experienced programmers, and you can find countless daily coding lessons and exercises to match your training levels.

Enki is one of the best, user-friendly learning apps that make it easier to learn through simpler, brief and easy to digest lessons. If you maintain regularity, Enki will tempt you with amazing tips and tricks along with daily exercises to harness your skills. The app keeps the learning process diverse, varied and exciting by providing both, fun games and traditional exercises. It is available for both, Android and iOS.

Enki Mobile App

9. Duolingo

Duolingo is an immensely popular app and one of the most beneficial ones if you truly want to learn something, and share it with your family. If you’re trying to learn a new language, this is the simplest and easiest app that will make the language learning process so much easier for you.

With a few minutes of daily practice with Duolingo, you’ll start speaking any foreign language within a matter of days. It is extremely user-friendly, and innovative, and the best part is, most of its features come for free.

Some users have criticized the exercises in Duolingo for not being sufficiently competitive to help a learner achieve fluency in a language, however, they can really help you through your journey of gaining fluency. These lessons are fun, comprehensive and the exercises truly win the case with their ability to effectively engage the learner.

Duolingo Mobile App



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