A plane which propels on ionic wind


Technology has brought us a new plane which requires no part that would assist it to soar in the air. This is the first ever solid-state plane which hovers around because of the ionic wind. This aircraft is an inspiration taken from Star Trek as narrated by the MIT Stephen.

MIT believes that in the forthcoming technology the planes would not be needing propellers to propel in the air. The aircraft would resemble the shuttles in Star Trek having a blue glow and a noiseless sashay. Barrett believes that when he got appointed in the University he got a golden chance to explore the physical facts of its functioning. He came out with the fact that actually, it’s the negatively charged electrons that on passing through air particles charge them and ionize them. The electron then moves away from the source towards the collector that collects all the charged particles. In this way, we make the air negatively charged and make it flow in our desired direction.

plane flies on the ionic wind
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Image Credit: TechCrunch

To evaluate the performance, some thrust tests were performed back in the 20’s and 60’s. but they got only got 1% of the overall electrical input to make it functional that was considered to be inefficient. Thus, Barrett’s principle wasn’t so productive but their super lightweight and computer-aided design was impressive. The team spent a lot of time figuring it out that how they could make this project efficient.

After so many revisions they came out with the optimum requirements that include a 5-meter wide, 2.5kg heavy and multi decker aircraft. All these were believed to be more efficient than the former.

In this way, Barrett and his team were successful in creating an aircraft with sustainable flight. This aircraft has simple mechanics with no emission of combustible gases on propulsion.