Apple will shut down iTunes


Nearly after two decades of launch, Apple Company is going to kill iTunes. iTunes and music will no longer be associated with each other anymore.

Standalone music and Podcast app going to replace iTunes

Apple launched iTunes in 2003 putting an end to the music albums. After dominating the digital industry for over 20 years, it seems like history is yet repeating again as iTunes will be replaced by standalone music and podcast app.

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As you may have already heard about it, this is not a sudden change as Apple has already been planning this moment for a few years. Apple’s music app will be available on all current Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, MacBook. It will be similar to that of former iTunes app. The users will be able to buy music just like they used to buy in the iTunes. However, the interface of this app will be more advanced and user-friendly presenting a set of whole new features and functionality.

Apple is Finally Killing iTunes
Image Credit: Paul Sakuma / Associated Press

The end of iTunes may upset a lot of users but then again that’s not just all. The most important thing to notice is that Apple is going to in the spotlight for next few months by making three separate categories for the entertainment industry for example by making different apps for music, podcasts, and television. Moreover, it is reported that Apple has planned to polish other apps as well such as email, messenger, Books, and video programming features.

Apple has not been doing quite well now-a-days due to high competition. Especially, since stepping in of the Huawei and other similar competitors, Apple’s sales are decreasing. Hence, this a crucial moment for Apple and if they really want to grab the lead again, renovation seems much needed.

The iTunes may not last forever but the app will always be remembered as the pioneer for eliminating illegal music selling. Back then when the music industry was about to blow out and nobody was there to present a useful solution even Microsoft and Sony were good enough to present an idea or software but they simply neglected it and that’s exactly when iTunes became the savior of the entertainment industry.


No matter how big a company or product may be, it will have to come to an endpoint or break- even point especially in this ever-changing and highly competitive era. However, a company that knows when to turn its table and introduce new features can go a long way. Apple’s decision to introduce standalone apps will legit prove it.


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