Boy has huge chunk of his brain removed, and he’s doing better than ever


The brain is the most essential organ in the human body, it controls everything, and makes you the person that you are. Messing around with the human is a horrible idea, unless, it is the only choice you have to lead a normal and healthy life. Recently, the story of a boy has shocked medical circles across the globe with his a dynamic neurological process that worked wonders.

This unnamed boy had a huge chunk of his brain removed, and this drastic measure turned out the best decision his neurologist made in his entire career. His case has emerged as a ground-breaking news that is to become the subject of an incredibly fascinating and innovative new research paper.

The story begins when the boy first began experiencing the onset of seizures at the mere age of 4. He was diagnosed with epilepsy, and with the passage of time, his symptoms continued to worsen. After undergoing all kinds of conventional treatments, doctors had nearly given up on all options to enhance his brain functioning and life quality. Finally, the doctors realized that they had no other viable option but to make an extremely challenging and difficult choice: removing a large portion of his brain.

Naturally, the doctors had deduced various outcomes of this drastic measure, but the results they received completely baffled them by exceeding their expectations. The surgeons took out nearly one-third portion of the brain from the right hemisphere of the child’s brain, and this surgery took place when he was 6 years old. The surgeons removed those portions of his brain that were responsible for controlling sensory inputs, such as sound and sight.

Cranial Hematoma
Image Source: BGR

The surgeons had hoped that the surgery would aid in putting an end to the seizures that had disturbed the life quality of this young boy. However, they were also anxious that this surgery might create complications in the boy’s body and brain development. Fortunately, the surgery was blessed with a miracle, and the results have turned out to be extremely promising.

Three years have passed since this operation took place, and the boy’s recovery, progress and development has stunned the doctors, and exceeded their expectations. He is able to perform just like his peer, and his intelligence and cognitive capabilities are just like other children of his age. Experts believe that this mainly because the left hemisphere of his brain is now trying extra hard to perform the responsibilities of the right hemisphere as well.

The doctors then decided to monitor the boy’s brain activity, which revealed that the left hemisphere of his brain had rearranged itself to aid the brain in managing and controlling essential responsibilities and actions, such as recognizing faces.

The surgeons believe that this child has enjoyed such a speedy and miraculous recovery mainly because of the fact that he was extremely young when the brain surgery was performed. He was only six years old when a large portion of his brain matter was removed, which gave his developing brain plenty of time to adapt and strategize to the change as it grew in the years to come.

Therefore, the boy has managed to enjoy such an amazing recovery, and avoid all the complications that occur in adults after suffering from brain damage. The boy is so driven and motivated by his own speedy recovery and miraculous story, he intends to become a neurologist when he’s all grown up. Isn’t that amazing?


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