Monday, April 22, 2019
Intel vs AMD

Tech Battle: Intel Core i7 8700k vs AMD Ryzen 2700x

Intel and AMD have just released their latest flagships of processors in the market, i.e., the 8th generation Coffee Lake from Intel and the Ryzen 2 series from AMD. The original Ryzen series by AMD released early last year. It turned...
Insane Gaming Smartphone

Most Insane Gaming Smartphone By ASUS

ASUS announce the hardcore gaming smartphone ROG phone to be launched in the market in July 2018. This smartphone is made with the heavy battery and great specifications. If you are the diehard mobile gamer then this radical smartphone...

10 Best Apps for New iPhones

Well! Well! Well! Holidays are here and if you are treating yourself with a brand-new iPhone than then you just need to download some...

9 Best Android Learning Apps