Global Ocean warming and its impacts on the planet Earth in 2018


An international team of scientists began the global records in 1958. According to their study, last year which is 2018 was the hottest year of the planet Earth. Advances in Atmospheric Sciences, a scientific journal, published this study. Scientists state that temperature of the Earth is breaking its record since 2014. Global Ocean warming is increasing each year. A study was published last week by the same scientists, which stated that oceans are absorbing heat more than imaginations and estimations of the scientists. This is a major threat to the planet. As a result ocean warming will increase six times faster than ever before in near future (in the next 50 years).

Human activities have a major role in global heating.

Hottest year for planet ocean
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Image Credit: NASA

Man is constantly releasing carbon dioxide (CO2) gas in his atmosphere. Global heating has occurred due to this increased amount of CO2. This gas has the ability to trap the heat in the atmosphere which ultimately leads to global ocean warming. Many serious problems occur due to the increased ocean warming such as polar ice is melting, intense storms are occurring more often, heavier rainfall, a rise in the sea level and coral bleaching.

Green House Gases- 90% of these gases are trapped in the ocean thus increasing its temperature. Increase in the ocean’s temperature is the direct indication of the Earth’s warming.

“Temperature of the ocean is a better scale to check the Earth’s warming than air atmosphere”, stated Kevin Trenberth, “and is more visible.”

Impacts of Global Ocean warming are alarming.

The sea level has increased to 29.5 mm which has crossed its average value from 1981 to 2010. It is a warning! In the year 2018 drastic typhoons and hurricanes have occurred. The worst storm of the year 2018 occurred in Hong Kong and the Philippines named as Super Typhoon Mangkhut.

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