How to Choose a Smartphone | Buying Guide and Tips


Battery life

Lately, it is very rare to come across a latest smartphone model with a removable battery, so be sure to pick out a smartphone that can accommodate all your battery life requirements, particularly if you travel a lot. You can do your research on battery life by reading reviews for various smartphones, and the mAh ratings will also help you grasp a more comprehensive understanding about your best options.

Keep in mind that the battery life will not only prove essential to keep your for working for a certain number of hours, but also, it will impact other features such as software, screen size, and the resolution.


All the latest variety in smartphone nowadays come with a large in-built storage. Back when the market trend focused on 16BG of storage, it used to be extremely easy to run out of space at alarming speed, which was mainly because 10GB of space would already be used up before even opening up the box. Keeping in mind the current storage trends in the market, we strongly recommend you to consider a phone that has at least 32GB storage space, while 64GB is naturally much more attractive, depending on how much space you want to use up in your phone.

If like to have a large and extensive library of MP3 and video files on your phone, naturally, you will need more space. You can always use a MicroSD card slot to increase your storage space according to your needs, but if you’re planning on investing in Apple, keep in mind that it doesn’t provide this MicroSD card slot feature. Even most Android smartphone varieties don’t come with a MicroSD slot so be sure to consider your storage requirements before making the final purchase.


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