Hydrus Virtual Reality (VR) Camera System captures 360 8K video deep underwater


Virtual reality (VR) is an interactive computer-generated system which is created using a simulated environment. It allows us to discover everything from remote places around the world to sci-fi things. The next target of the VR technology is the deep sea. Recently, Marine Imaging Technologies (MITech) released a new VR based camera system which is capable of capturing incredible 360-degree videos in underwater depths with almost no light. The company has specially designed this new Hydrus VR camera system for professional VR experiences and film making. This is indeed a great news.

Specifications of the Hydrus VR Camera System

The Hydrus VR possesses a 10-camera array of Sony’s new UMC-S3CA. Eight of the 10 cameras are arranged horizontally in a circle. While the remaining two cameras are arranged vertically. Each camera is equipped with ultra-sensitive Sony sensors and custom SLR Magic E-Mount lenses.

Hydrus VR Camera System

This allows you to capture 360-degree videos in 8K, 4K, or stereoscopic 4K resolution. You can also record videos at up to ISO 409,600. The framework of this camera system is likewise useful for creating undersea motion picture till you get the ideal shot. It can be used at depths of up to 300 meters (984 feet) even with minimal lighting conditions of 0.004 lux.

The Hydrus VR camera possesses enough battery life. Due to which, it can be used to capture rare sightings of fish and explore remote caves under deep sea. It also possesses a storage capacity for up to two hours of continuous recording. It can be further extended to eight hours by selecting the subsea control module. The whole camera system weighs about 75 pounds only in salt water.

Working of the Hydrus VR Camera System

The Hydrus VR camera system can be attached to mechanical arms or automated underwater vehicles. In this way, people can easily access far-to-reach areas. The Hydrus VR camera system creates its videos by stitching the output from each camera together. In this process, 60% of the images overlap so that the seams are invisible to the human eye. The company hasn’t revealed the cost of the camera yet. However, it will most probably be used for making documentaries and applications. It can also be used to encounter the remote darker areas of the ocean.


The Hydrus VR camera is a spectacular device for underwater videography. It can also be quite useful for VR applications and deepsea documentaries. The raw recordings performed by MI Tech using Hydrus VR camera show that the resolution of the camera is quite high compared to that of current VR headsets available in the market. This will surely be a great project for exploring the underwater environments.


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