Tech Battle: Intel Core i7 8700k vs AMD Ryzen 2700x


Intel and AMD have just released their latest flagships of processors in the market, i.e., the 8th generation Coffee Lake from Intel and the Ryzen 2 series from AMD.

The original Ryzen series by AMD released early last year. It turned out to be one of the best consumer CPU ranges from the company. The Ryzen 2 series which was released earlier this year got a great response across the market. Now, this new generation is all set to take in the Ryzen 7 2700X flagship.

In response to AMD’s evolution with Ryzen range, Intel has continued to advance with the release of their 8th-generation Coffee Lake chips. As expected, the Intel chips still retain the leading position in the market for impressive features. However, AMD’s latest releases are no less in a competition. Currently, the Coffee Lake series by Intel is headed by the Core i7-8700k range.

Since the competition between the two rivals is always the hottest, we have just compared the two flagships to see which range is on the top.

Intel vs AMD


On Amazon, the Intel 8th Generation Core i7-8700K is available for $350 in the United States and for £312 in the United Kingdom, while the AMD Ryzen 7 2700X is available on Amazon for $319 in the United States and for £284 in the United Kingdom.

Cooling Solution

The cost for Core i7-8700K is 10% more compared to its AMD rival. However, the latter comes with a very awe-inspiring Wraith Prism Cooler in the box, which is stacked up well against the specialist aftermarket air coolers. Due to the CPU cooling unit, the consumers need to pay around £40 or $50 in addition to the price of the AMD processor.


While comparing the performance of both the processors, we see a major difference between the two processors based on the clock speed and the core/thread count. The AMD Ryzen 7 2700X processor possess 3.7 GHz base clock speed which boosts up to 4.3 GHz for an 8 core/16 thread setup. While the Intel Core i7-8700K possess a base clock of 3.7 GHz which boosts up to 4.7 GHz for a 6 cores/12 threads setup.

So, if you are looking for fewer yet more powerful cores for playing video games or running other such programs, then Intel chip will do it for you. Otherwise, if you need to run programs using multiple cores such as video rendering and streaming, then the additional core/thread count on the AMD processor will provide you the increased processing power for that purpose.

Core Performance

When the Cinebench scores are compared for the two processors, the single thread test shows that the Intel Core i7-8700k outperforms the AMD processor for single core performance, while the multithread test shows the Ryzen 7 2700X performs better when all the cores are engaged.

Overlocking Headroom

Both the processors have been equipped with unlocked multipliers. The Intel processor owns a number of overclocking headroom to overclock at 7405.12 MHz. Whereas, the AMD processor clocks to 6000 Mhz.

Thermal Design Power (TDP)

The power consumption of the Intel chip is 95W TDP which is quite lower compared to the power consumption of AMD processor which is 105W TDP. Similarly, the Intel chip holds 12MB of level 3 Cache whereas the AMD chip possesses 16MB.

The performance of both the processors has been summarized in the table below:


Intel Core i7-8700k

AMD Ryzen 7 2700x

Cost £312 UK £284 UK
Cores/Threads 6/12 8/16
Base Clock Speed 3.7GHz 3.7GHz
Maximum Boost Clock 4.7GHz 4.3GHz
Cache 12MB 16MB
TDP 95W 105W
Cooling Solution None Wraith Prism air cooler



If you are looking for faster production speeds for content creation, then the Ryzen 7 2700X will give you a better performance compared to the Intel Core i7-8700k. However, if you are a gaming person, then the Intel processor will outperform on individual cores. The resolution also affects the performance of the processors while playing games. If you’re playing games at a resolution of 1080p 60Hz then you would barely notice any performance difference for the two processors. However, for higher resolution, you would have to pair either of these processors with a solid GPU.

If the price is your concern, then the AMD processor is a cheaper unit with an impressive air cooling unit. Based on the performance of the two processors, both of them prove to be fantastic and will be a good choice depending on your requirements.


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