Is Xiaomi’s Mi 8 Looks Like iPhone X?


The Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi mark the eight years and they have a new flagship phone Xiaomi Mi 8. This phone is so far the best android phone from China that is shockingly similar to iPhone X.

This smartphone has its own MIUI 10 skin on top of android and it is similar to Oreo. The updated skin feature gesture control and the driving mode uses Xiao Ai voice assistant. It also has a notch and vertical rear camera design like iPhone. This smartphone is also has the face unlocking feature in it. Xiaomi Mi8 has a 6.21 inches AMOLED touch screen which is bit different from the iPhone X as it does not stretch all the way from bottom. But it is the world’s first phone to have a dual frequency GPS for the improved and more precise navigation.

Xiaomi Mi 8 Mobile Phone

It has a rear 12 MP dual camera and on the front it has 20 MP camera with “pixel burning”. This technology perfectly associates the four pixels into a large one for the best low-light selfies. This camera scored 105 points being rated by D*OMark.

With the Xiaomi Mi8 the company also launches the smaller version of Mi8 which is Xiaomi Mi8 SE and the Mi8 Explorer edition.

Mi8 Se is the smaller version with the 5.88 inches display with the different processor. It is the first phone to have the Qualcomm’s newest Snapdragon 710 chip and the Mi8 is made with the snapdragon 845 chip.

Xiaomi Mi8 explorer edition is so far the best Xiaomi phone yet with the perfect look. It is also the first ever Android phone that supports the 3D face unlocking. It has structured light technology in it that measures multiple points on the face just like the Intel’s Real Sense and Apple’s Face ID. This smartphone can do animoji as the company uses Xiaomi’s version of Apple’s animoji. Its synaptic under screen finger print scanner has the scanner’s pressure sensitivity that aloows it to activate, scan and unlock phone faster. This phone is going to be launched soon and it cost about 3,699 yaun approximately 575$.

The Mi8 is available in the market with the price of 2,699 yaun about 420$. And the Mi8 Se costs 1,799 yaun about 280$.


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