January 28 is the 33rd anniversary of Challenger Space Shuttle explosion


History is always full of events. There are some moments in history which are always remembered as good and happy. Anniversary of such events is always celebrated as a function and it brings happiness. On the other hand, there are some events which always make people sad and upset. Anniversary of these tragic events make people sad and that day is often remembered as a black day.

If we take a look at the history of NASA there are many moments which bring a sense of success, pride, and happiness. While looking at the history you will see many events which are very tragic. Unfortunate disasters took place several times. January 28, 1986, was also a tragic day. It still makes people of NASA said. Challenger, a U.S. space shuttle orbiter, exploded after few minutes of its launch. This explosion was one of the most memorable disasters in the history of America. This incident took place in Cape Carnival, Fla. Prior to the tragedy of 1986, this shuttle made nice successful trips of the space.

33 years challenger space shuttle disaster
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Image Credit: AP Photo

There were seven astronauts in that unlucky shuttle. After a minute or two of the takeoff the shuttle, an explosion was seen. The shuttle was burst into flames and all the seven astronauts died in no minute. This event took place live on television and left fear and sorrow in the heart of the whole Nation.

After investigation of scientists found out the reason for the incident. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, the temperature was very low. Which affected the two rubber O-rings that sealed the joint between the two lower portions of the right-hand solid booster of the rocket. As a result, a leak expansion occurred and ultimately causing the explosion of the shuttle.

One of the reasons behind labeling this incident one of the most memorable Tragedy of America is that Christa McAuliffe was among the victims. Christa McAuliffe won the title of “teacher-in-space”. She also won the National Screening award. During that trip, she was supposed to teach two lectures from orbit. Moreover, she had to spend nine months in space and had to give lectures from there across the whole country.

There were six other victims besides Christa McAuliffe. The pilot of the shuttle was Michael Smith, the commander was Francis (Dick) Scobee, Judith Resnik, Ronald McNair, and Ellison Onizuka were the mission specialists and Gregory Jarvis was the Hughes Aircraft engineer.

Reporting by Associated Press