Man loses limbs after contracting an infection from a dog lick


We all adore dogs. Well, perhaps not everyone, but majority of humans beings consider dog the best, most loyal companion who becomes just like a member of their own family. Fluffy and obedient canine companions make life fulfilling and rewarding. However, for one Wisconsin resident named Greg Manteufel, the relationship with his canine buddy turned out to be the worst nightmare of his life.

All it took was an innocent and adorable lick from his furry best friend that ended up damaging his vital body organs, and turning into a nearly fatalistic experience. A few weeks ago, Greg began experiencing severe, flu-like symptoms. After a few hours, he was hurried into the emergency room as weird bruises had emerged on his body, and his blood pressure levels were alarmingly low. The doctors reported that Greg had caught a dangerous and complicated infection that occurs from the bacteria Capnocytophaga canimorsus, which is highly concentrated in dog saliva.

This infection quickly became septic, and Greg had to lose both his legs, and parts of both his hands, along with his nose. It has been an extremely challenging and tough battle for Greg Manteufel, and he is looking ahead towards a long and complicated road to rehabilitation and recovery.

Dog Licking Legs
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Image Source: ETersigni

Experts are still unaware about the exact dynamics that cause Manteufel to encounter and contract this bacteria, however, the doctors are suspicious that this entire process began when his own dog began licking his face. Bacteria can easily enter the body from the tinniest of wounds that may not have completely healed, acting as a gateway for the infection, and naturally, Greg’s pooch was the source of this bacteria.

Research reveals that a large majority of dogs tend to carry the Capnocytophaga canimorsus bacteria in their mouths and saliva, and all it takes is an innocent and adorable lick from your furry friend for you to contract this bacteria and develop a life-threatening infection.

As soon as the septic infection got triggered, Greg’s blood pressure levels began to drop drastically, and his limbs started losing their strength, and eventually died. His arms and legs were exposed to severe damage, and the doctors were left with no choice but to amputate the legs from the kneecap. Certain parts of his hands were so severely damaged that the doctors had to amputate his fingers as well. Greg’s nose has also undergone drastic tissue damage, and doctors fear that he will have to undergo plastic surgery in order to restore his normal breathing capabilities.

Since the accident, the family has been going through a bad financial period, and hence, they have set up a GoFundMe profile to raise money to pay for the expenses of the surgery and rehabilitation that is necessary for Greg’s recovery. So far, they have managed to raise $10,000. It is a small source of motivation consider the extremely challenging journey of recovery ahead, and all the pain and discomfort Greg has had to endure so far. It will still take him several surgeries and treatments, not to mention therapy sessions, to restore his normal life and body functioning.

Research reveals that there are very few cases of developing septic infections due to catching Capnocytophaga canimorsus bacteria from dog saliva as it is a very rare condition. Aside from many dogs, some cat breeds also tend to carry this bacteria in their mouths and saliva. Experts and doctors have been tracking cases of this infection since the mid-1970s, and statistics reveal that less than 1000 cases of this infection occurring from non-bite wounds have been reported so far in North America.