Are 90% of Cancers Really Preventable?


It is not easy to predict that who will get cancer. It’s sure that all of us know that due to certain habits such as smoking and more exposure to the bright light of the sun, can become the major cause in elevating this risk. But it might affect your genes when you are unfortunate enough.

According to the recent study published in a journal named Nature, it is found that approximately 70 to 90% cancer are caused by “extraneous” or the external factors, which includes exposure to the environmental challenges as well as our lifestyle habits. Approximately 70 to 90% of cancers are not caused by the genetic disorder.

A research which was put forward by the researchers from the Stony Brook University was indeed a review of the data which was released by the scientist named as Johns Hopkins last year. According to this data, two third of risk in the variation of growing cancer was because of the random cell mutation that is misfortunate.

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The new study found is pretty much opposite of the previous one.

According to the researcher named Yusuf Hannun, MD, that our data had to be wrong, and we are very confident about the data we put forward.

The research needs to reach the final decision. According to the senior author Hannun, ’everyone knows about the hazards of smoking which led towards cancer and hopefully you should never smoke or else quit smoking’’. He advises us some preventive measures such as to keep a check on your weight, limiting alcohol consumption and by applying sunscreen. Living in a place where there is more amount of radon in the atmosphere, you can help yourself by moving to place having the better environment. We all know that due to ozone layer depilation, we receive many harmful radiations like gamma rays which are extremely harmful to our body and we can’t sometime make it better such as in case of a pilot.


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