Radical theory says our universe sits on an inflating bubble in an extra dimension


The fact that the universe is expanding is known for the past 20 years. The reason for such expansion was said to be a mysterious ‘dark energy’. An astonishing new theory claims to make sense of the extra dimensions and the expanding universe. This theory also holds significance as is also claims to make sense of the dark energy as well.

In this theory, published in Physical Review Letters, the researchers offer an explanation of the fact that the universe is getting bigger. The explanation for this expansion has been the mysterious ‘dark energy’ for the past 20 years which was rather unsatisfactory.

Cosmologists propose a groundbreaking model of the universe using string theory
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Image Credit: BIG THINK

Cosmologists from Uppsala University proposed a mind-bending model of the universe. This model made use of the string theory. In the light of this theory, the researchers claim that our universe may be riding an expanding bubble which is being inflated by dark energy. This theory also suggests that all the matter in our universe may exist in strings which reach into another dimension.

The string theory maintains that all the matter is made of tiny vibrating strings. The theory also makes space for the idea of the existence of extra dimensions other than the three spatial dimensions which we experience on daily basis.

The scientists think that such a bubble should be rather stable and also wrote, “a strong indication in favor of the stability of these bubbles.”

They also concluded that perhaps there are more bubbles than just one which has our universe on it. This is rather exciting as each one of those is carrying another universe.

The researchers explain, “In this context, the cosmology we see as 4D observers is not due to vacuum energy, but rather arises as an effective description on a dynamical object embedded in a higher dimensional space.”

The team of Uppsala University included Ulf Danielsson, Souvik Banerjee, Suvendu Giri, Giuseppe Dibitetto, and Marjorie Schillo.

It is obtained from their paper that black holes can also be re-defined by this theory. As they write in their paper:

Gravitational collapse of the strings endpoints in four dimensions results in an unstable black string solution in five dimensions.

Source: Emergent de Sitter Cosmology from Decaying Anti–de Sitter Space