Both Russia and NASA have decided to adopt a human colony at the moon by 2040


The owner of the RSA, Roscosmos, has narrated that the space company is deciding to build a permanent habitat for the human beings on the lunar surface in incoming years.

The Russian space agency and their competitor NASA is up to build a new human colony after 20 years on the moon. RSA believes that recently it is not feasible to send human beings to the moon because the research has a lot to explore yet about it to eliminate all the hazardous consequences or to make it possible to live at. The Russians scientists also have a consent that the conditions would be suitable in the upcoming years. This is the best intuitive so far.

human colony at moon
Image Credit: REUTERS

NASA believes that they would be landing to the lunar surface soon. RSA was lately suffering from some financial barriers that have hindered the project completion, but it would take five upcoming years to make it possible.

astronaut apollo 11 mission
This photo shows astronaut Neil A. Armstrong on the moon, taken during the legendary Apollo 11 mission. Image Credit: EPA

An expert from the Russian Academy of science, Anatoly Petrukovich, believes that the current conditions of space traveling has made the trip to mars a hard nut to crack so the moon would be far more difficult to achieve as this project is about human habitation on the surface of the moon with severe conditions.

Following are some information regarding the moon and its conditions:

  • The moon is a natural satellite that has its own gravitational pull which is six times the gravitational force of the Earth.
  • The motion of the earth and Moon are synchronized with each other due to which we always see only one permanent phase of the moon.
  • It is roughly 0.27x the diameter of our planet.
  • The temperature of the moon ranges from 173 degrees Celcius to 260 degrees Celcius.
  • The first mission made on the moon was by Nasa’s Apollo 8.

The formation of the colony is going to be held in stages. The first stage involves the formation of a module that is going to orbit around the moon and next is going to be the formation of a base on the lunar surface. All this will initiate in 2025.


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