Samsung Galaxy S10 Latest Leaks and News


Samsung Galaxy S9 led the market with its best camera features. There are different rumors and leaks about the new Galaxy S10 flagship device. And the loyal customers of the Samsung are in lots of interest about the latest news regarding this. The information about the Samsung Galaxy S10 is based on the series of tweets by Ice universe and some other abundant Samsung leaker.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Leaks

Galaxy S10 Leaks and Latest News

According to the latest news the Samsung Galaxy S10 is going to feature a triple rear camera. New report from South Korea suggests that the upcoming device in the Galaxy S series could feature a triple rear camera with 3D sensing sensor. Its sensors will allow the high definition 3D recording of selfies and the stuff can be used in augmented reality. The triple rear camera and the 3D sensing sensors are not complementary but they are going to be placed together expectedly for the perfection and some remunerations. With this the camera will be able to amplify the image sharpness, increased optical zoom and better low-light presentation. Samsung Galaxy S10 is also going to have the fingerprint scanner in it.

Ice universe tweets shows that the Galaxy S10 screen resolution is going to exceed 600ppi. Samsung Galaxy S9 has a resolution of 570ppi. This device is not bezel less and has a screen to body ration of 93%.

Samsung Galaxy S10 is going to be the first smartphone that support the super-fast 5G connectivity.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ might be thee last plus Samsung device a it merges with the note line.

Greatly improved screen to body ratio will be another top feature of Galaxy S10.

If you have any news about Samsung Galaxy S10 and its features and uniqueness, share with us.


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