Say Hello To Android 9 Pie


Google announces Android 9 P is for Pie and with this we are going to enter in the next era of Android ceremoniously. Google named its new versions alphabetically and something sweet. As the last Android version was Oreo preceding Nougat, Marshmallow and Lollipop. On this planet Android is a leading mobile operating system and the latest updates ensures the change in the mobile usage worldwide.

Say Hello To Android 9 Pie

The new version of Android, Android 9 or 9.0 Pie is available on Google pixel phones now and it will help in the battery timings, making your devices faster and combats mobile addiction. Initially Google made a promo version of the software in March. At Google annual I/O developer conference in May, 2018 they demoed some features.

You can try out the pre-released version of Android 9 Pie if you sign up for the Android Beta Program. Google is also looking to upgrade more mobile devices with the Android 9 Pie while working with the other partners but the company did not provide the additional details and dates.

android 9 pie

This latest version of Android will focus on behind the scene improvements and introduces new battery features. It also supports notch, popularized by Apple iPhone X. But it does not mean that in future every Android phone will have a notch. Actually Google made it for running the app smoothly on the devices with the notched screens. It also follows some other features of iPhone X like simple navigation of using single central button to go home, Google assistant, open recent apps and a back button when needed.

As we mentioned earlier that it will help smartphone addicts to lessen their obsession. It will tell you how much time you spent using your phone and also the time you spent in individual apps. And the best part is you can set the time limits on how much you use certain apps.

But one thing to be remembered is there are many Android hardware and carrier partners that add their own flourishes to the software and causing fragmentation. For Google it is actually a big challenge to get all the devices updated with the current version.


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