Scientists Propose Artificial Wall to Stop the Collapse of Antarctic Glaciers


The heightening problem of today is the rapid melting of the Antarctic Glaciers. This in return has resulted in the increasing sea levels which are not at all a good new. At this time the scientists are exercising way to prevent this from happening. One such remedy sought is to build a huge wall on the floor of the ocean beneath the great glaciers preventing them from further melting. This artificial structure will reduce the rate of melting of the glaciers.

Glaciers like Thaiwates are melting so rapidly that it is an overall contribution to the increasing sea level is as much as 1%. Id this remains unstoppable and continually water is being added to the sea with this speed, they sea levels will increase dangerously high.

Thwaites Ice Shelf
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Credit: NASA/J. Yungel

We need to know that the melting of the glacier is aided by warm water as well as the warm air. So, it is necessary to stop them both from interacting with the glaciers’ ice. The warm water melts the ice from the base while the warm air acts upon the upper side of the glacier. This havoc wreaked by either of the elements is setting up alarming sea levels that have to be controlled otherwise the situation might worsen.

Scientists have worked upon models which suggest that by making a wall beneath the glacier can prevent the melting of the ice. A 100 meter under the water wall could do the thing. The design needs not to be of some very complex kind; any simple design could also help and prevent the melting. In the case of Antarctic, artificial mounds and columns could be very effective. This will not only prevent the glacier from melting but also help it to re-grow. This strategy is known as the geo-engineering of the glaciers. The scientists aim to geo-engineer a wall that can prevent the glacier from melting and stop the wreaking havoc. Stabilization of the glaciers should be our top priority. Anthropogenic causes are leading to mass devastation which has to be reversed otherwise the consequences will be too bad to control.


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