Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s New Trailer Gets Cute With Cats and Dogs


If you are a hardcore gamer this is what you should read. The Square Enix has left no stone unturned in proving the worth of Shadow of the tomb raider. It has evolved as the greatest adventure games from Lara crofts till today. With its end of world storyline, it will give you several hours of massive gaming experience.

At the same time, the publishers have not neglected the importance of fun element in the game. The new version of the game has a cuter image to appeal to the audience. They have replaced the major characters of the game with cute animals’ likes cats and dogs.

The trailer of the game is the same traditionally set with replaced characters like Lara Croft is replaced by a dog and Mayan villain is replaced by a cat. Along with this, the action-packed theme of the game has not been compromised, however. The Lara crofts replacement dog plots a plan to trap for the cat. The evil cat is seen threatening the caged mutt with her own weapons and the dog is seen making dramatic leaps across mountains which are quite appealing for the game lovers.

The dog lures the cat with a string of ball. When this game moves forward to its finale the dog brings out his most useful weapon which is Roomba. He uses the weapon to buy the hero some time to rescue Mutt.

This jam-packed fun in the game trailer is dramatic and attractive for the costumes. The game is hilarious as well as too cute for the fans to hold against. It has transformed into a cute raider mode against the traditional hardcore look this game had. Don’t you want to do this and have all the fun?

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

The shadows of the tomb raider are bringing another trailer by the 14th of the next month. After seeing the dramatic cute versions of the game we are totally up for it. This game will be available for play station 4 and personal computers as well.


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