Sony announces Playstation classic console with pre-loaded 20 games


What an amazing news for the game lovers and the admirers of Sony all around the globe! Sony introduced its globally known and acknowledged device known as PlayStation almost 25 years ago and has now planned to introduce the original PlayStation console. The global launch of this product will take place on 23rd December this year which will be a hallmark of its development and global recognition. Similarly, Nintendo introduced the NES and SNES classic consoles and it seems that Sony is following the footsteps of this company. Coming along with 20 genre-defining titles such as Final Fantasy VII, Tekken 3, and Ridge Racer Type 4, the product will cost $99.99 only.

Apart from this, the buyers will also be able to enjoy two classic PS1 controllers. This seems to be an amazing bundle all over. These two classic PS1 controllers are helpful in supporting the local multi-layer. Although the complete list of the games is not available yet the Jumping Flash and Wild Arms are confirmed by Sony.

Sony Playstation Classic SCPH-1000R

Sony and Nintendo have been facing competition for long and keeping in view the competition between Sony and Nintendo, the Sony has the privilege of better hardware supply. However, the usage of NES and SNES will still be challenging for the buyers apart from the better hardware supply. However, this is amazing and whelming news for the ones that have been looking long for the retro play station feels and those who wanted the old-fashioned Square role-playing games.

This is wonderful news for the game lovers all over the globe as it will enhance their gaming experience loaded with better facilities and gaming options. It will also be admired by the young people.


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