StartRocket will launch the space Billboards in 2021


Everyone wants to be number one. This competition is not only among human, but different advertisement companies are also running this race. Each company is trying its best to be the shining star. Different and unique ways of advertisements are coming each day. It is even more difficult to maintain their name on the top of the list.

To be on top is everybody’s dream. But Russia has done something very unique and different which will make dominant companies more prominent for the long period of time. It is giving competition to all other companies and the interesting thing is, it is also giving competition to the stars. Yes, stars.

StartRocket is the name of that startup. It is basically an eCommerce agency. It has started a very innovative as it is sending the billboards into the night sky. These are actually glowing billboards which will advertise the most popular brands or companies. These will be those companies which are already dominating the eCommerce world.

StartRocket Space Billboards in 2021
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Image Credit: NASA

CubeSats are the small light emitting satellites which have been used to make the billboards. These satellites will be present in the space, circulating in low orbits and will show the advertisement. This will take the advertisement to the next level.

StartRocket has launched a promo video. This video shows the animations on the night sky. The night sky will not be dark anymore. You will not see stars, but advertisements. StartRoctet is planning to launch these satellites in the sky in 2020. And it will properly start working in 2021.

As we all know that every new thing faces different types of critiques.

There are two groups of people. Some are very excited to see the advancement of science and technology. It is a good start to bring the science at the advanced level. But there is another group which thinks that they will not be able to see the night sky.

Source: The great ad-space race: the history of space advertising