Tech Review of 4 Great Apps that Deserved a Sequel


If you are a true mobile gaming lover then you must understand the thirst of some most-anticipated mobile games follow-ups. Yes not only the blockbuster hit movies and series are meant to have their sequels. In our tech review we talk over some mobile gaming apps that were continued with the sequels. Though some of them achieve bigger and better success rate and some did not meet up the expectation rate by the audiences.

1. The Room: Old Sins

This mobile game is fourth in the series that win many awards and so far the best mobile game of the year 2018. This game is based on the creative puzzle boxes that involve your brain completely in the app having haunted soundtrack and mind blowing graphics. In this game you have to escape a room that features an enormous dollhouse in immense detail and elements.

The Room Old Sins
Photo Credit: Fireproof Games

You gradually transported to a place having more challenges in which you explore some amazing demonstration. As you proceed the story captivates your mind with its intricate and beautiful environment. This app is available at the iOS and Android for 4.99$.

2. Monument Valley 2

This mobile app was settled independently by the ustwo games in year 2014. Though, the massive hit of this paid mobile gaming app was bit shocking and surprising for many. But the fact is the whole success completely deserved for the developers. This game is based on the puzzles of geometrical buildings with simple graphics.

Monument Valley
Photo Credit: Ustwo Games

The latest update is also based on the similar graphics and puzzles. But in the sequel they introduced the story of Ro and her cute child that unveils the mazelike, dreamy world puzzles with strange building. Prices are bit higher for the sequel and available at Android and iOS for 4.99$.


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