The 10 Best Fitness and Workout Apps for Android Users


9. FitNotes

FitNotes is another great fitness tracking app. It doesn’t need any sign-ups or logins. You can directly access it offline. You can easily customize it according to your workout routine. It works for both cardio and resistance exercises. It also includes a calendar for planning your workout. One of its prominent features is its good looking and serviceable UI.

The users can also create cloud backups with Google Drive and Dropbox. It is available for free at Google Play. The users can purchase the premium version at $4.99 only.

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10. Wearables with Fitness Apps

Many brands like Fitbit, Xiaomi, Wear OS, and Garman offer a variety of fitness tracking wearables. The apps on these devices can track your steps, heart rate, distance traveled and your active minutes. These stats prove to be very useful for tracking your fitness level.

You can further integrate other fitness apps like MyFitnessPal with these wearables to enhance your fitness tracking. These wearables can be expensive depending on the features available in them. However, the apps come usually free.