The Best Android Apps of 2018 To Date


5. Google News

Google News is a completely revamped news app launched by Google in this year. It gives you a deep insight into just about any topic or story that you’re interested in. Moreover, it has significant power-user features like personalized content.  It also has the ability to save articles in the device to read offline. Another interesting feature of this app is “full picture,” which is gaining popularity against the Facebook-induced filter bubbles.

6. Google Podcasts

Google Podcasts is the first standalone service app for the podcasts by the company. It possesses all the basics, including skip controls, subscriptions, and syncing. It utilizes the in-house recommendation algorithms to support the recommendation features as well, according to your listening habits.

7. Otter Voice Notes

AI Sense has introduced an ultimate solution to transcribing the audio recordings. Before this app, the transcribers had always faced issues in generating accurate transcriptions. Otter Voice notes has many advanced features besides speech recognition. It can also record conversations and recognize voices to distinguish between all the speakers in a given conversation.

8. Pokémon Quest

Pokémon Quest is already a big hit among the Pokémon lovers due to its more Minecraft-esque look. In this game, you need to explore the “Tumblecube Island,” and find items to decorate your camp and compete in the wars against other players.

9. AirMirror

AirMirror is a part of the AirDroid app which allows you to remote control devices within its network. Its functions are similar to that of TeamViewer and other such apps. You can remote into a device and perform different tasks like accessing the camera, playing games, and even installing or uninstalling apps. Since, this is a plugin app, so you need to install AirDroid in your device to work on it.