This NASA map shows stunning visualization of wildfires, dust and storms


How would you react if your map shows you all the pollution details of your planet? Wouldn’t that be amazing? Not only fascinating but it will be like a constant reminder that to what extent we have destroyed our environment and will stop us from destroying it any further. Anyhow what this article aims is tell you about the newly customized NASA map. And let me tell it is no ordinary map friends.

The new NASA map:

A new development which came out from NASA just recently was a world map which indicated the previously invisible particles as well with their relative positions. It’s called the NASA Goddarth Earth Observing System Forward Processing which is a model designed in such a way that you can see the map along with particulate matters, aerosols, smoke and other things which were previously unlikely to be the part of the map.

NASA map shows clouds of particles
Credit: NASA


This has at first made the map more interesting and informative. Secondly, if you get a chance to see this map any time soon you will see the clouds, smoke and other invisible particles in areas which experienced their onset at the given time.

NASA map shows dust and storms
Credit: NASA

How successful is it?

Such is the example of a screenshot taken on the 23rd of August in which a wildfire indication was enhanced with a smoke over the Western North America which was spreading as far as the mid-Atlantic Ocean. This would have been fascinating for anyone who is miles and miles away from this area. You realize how beneficial this newly adapted way of mapping is? The individual days or happenings are not significantly shown however the map does cover all the major presence of the particulates in the atmosphere and indicate them on the map.

This map is like a constant self-alarm for all of us. We should know that in what environment we are living, and it is high time we move towards preventing it from more deterioration.


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